BluevisionWildlifeFilming’s crew  love to film both on land and underwater .
Since 1995 we’ve been involved in hundreds of different projects an in different roles .
BluevisionWildlifeFilming can provide camera crew, underwater cameramen , corporate video, production service , production management an much more.
If you have a related enquiry wich isn’t dealt with here please contact us for any supplementary information

  • Federico Forletta

    CEO of Bluevision Wildlife Filming, naturalist, author and cameraman specializing in nature and extreme shooting .
    Diving Instructor and U/W cameramen since 1994 he filmed the oceans world-wide making documentaries, reportages and films for major national and international networks.

  • Stefania Melone

    She’s a nature lover, U/W guide and U/W camera-operator since 1998.
    Joined Bluevision Wildlife Filming 2004 and has worked on the production ever since.Splits her time between development and production of projects for broadcasters, media communications and management